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Clergy Personnel Files

Even though the abuse may have occurred decades ago, victims may be entitled to seek justice and compensation for the terrible crimes they were forced to endure. You have the power to hold the Catholic Church accountable for its crimes and its failures, and we can help.

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Across the state, the Church is being forced by abuse survivors to remove the protecting veil and accept the consequences of their failures. In every Diocese across the state, clergy members stand accused.

Many victims of clergy abuse have brought legal action against their perpetrators and you can be the next to do so. Lawsuits have been filed, and some claims have already been awarded. Not only can you file a claim against the abuser, but you can bring to justice anyone who knowingly allowed the abuse to continue and failed to protect you as a child when they had the ability to do so.

The Catholic Church has a history of child sexual abuse in America, and the church’s solution is to cover abuse allegations, shift pedophile priest to other dioceses where they pray on more children, all while paying billions in hush money to sexual abuse victims and their advocates.

Despite continuing to apologize to the victims of pedophile priests, the Vatican has a history of burying allegations and creating a culture of secrecy designed to protect the reputation of the church. In fact, the Vatican issued a letter to 1.2 billion Catholics in which it admitted it abandoned child victims.

We are a national law firm that is focused on helping clergy abuse victims get the justice they deserve, and unlike the Vatican, we WILL fight for you.