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Diocese of San Jose

There are currently 20 names on the list for the Diocese of San Jose. Nine have been accused while another seven have been convicted. One person has been sued while three others have settled.

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Priest Personnel Files of Diocese of San Jose

  • Thomas Bettencourt – accused, died in 1990.
  • Edward Thomas Burke – convicted, died in 2009.
  • Charles Leonard Connor – convicted, died in 2011.
  • L. Joseph Dondero – accused, died in 1997.
  • Raymond V. Dunn – accused, died in 2012.
  • William C. Farrington – accused, sent to Sacred Heart Retreat Center in Los Gatos to live under supervision.
  • Don D. Flickinger – settled, permanently banned from ministry in 2006.
  • Robert A. Gray – convicted, placed on permanent leave in 2002.
  • Arthur Harrison – settled, died in 2006.
  • Laurent Largente – accused, died in 2015.
  • Alexander C. Larkin – sued, permanently banned from ministry in 2009.
  • Angel Crisostomo Mariano – convicted, dismissed from Jesuits in 2002.
  • John Rodrigues Moniz – convicted, died in 2008.
  • George Moss – accused, died in 1986.
  • Leonel C. Noia – convicted, died in 2005.
  • Joseph T. Pritchard – settled, died in 1988.
  • Noel Senevirante – accused, died in 2009.
  • Edward M. Stretch – accused, died in 1970.
  • Phil Sunseri – accused, permanently dismissed from the order and from ministry in 1988.
  • Herman Toro – convicted, banned from ministry in 1990, currently in jail as of 2017.
  • Benefict Van der Putten – accused, laicization in 2005, last known to be living in Hawaii.