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California Settlements and Awards

If you choose to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator of your childhood sexual abuse, know that you aren’t alone. Not only are there other victims, but many of them have came forward and taken legal action. Furthermore, they have won claims against the perpetrators. Knowing this can help you have the courage to be the nextto stand up.


Nonmonetary Settlements

For many victims, it isn’t about the money. They seek to let others know of the dangers certain people pose to children. They want the abuse to stop and to avoid other children being hurt. Some settlements have nonmonetary wins.

  • A case in Santa Rosa, CA involved one priest. $500K was allocated to buildingand funding programs that will assist survivors of abuse. Total payout was $1.6M.
  • A case in Los Angeles, CA included many nonmonetary provisions. The priest agreed to apply to the Vatican to have himself removed as a priest. The judgeordered public apologies to the victims of abuse, which included five teenage boys. Dioceses would create special programs for victims.

Monetary Awards

Every victim of childhood sexual abuse by a clergy member will tell you it’s not about the money. However, money can help them get the professional help they need for recovery. It can cover the cost of therapy and counseling and allow them torebuild their lives. Loss of money also has a big impact on those responsible for these heinous actions. Numerous victims have been awarded settlements here in California.

  • A case in Santa Rosa and San Francisco involved three priests and 15 victims.The settlement was for 2.5M.
  • A case in Stockton, CA with two victims was settled for 7.65M after an originaljury award of $30 million.
  • In Orange and LA, CA one victim was awarded 1.2M. A countersuit by a second priest who was accused was dismissed.
  • In Los Angeles, CA a case was settled for 1.5M for abuse that occurred between 2002 and 2006 against one victim.
  • A case in San Bernardino, CA involved two victims abused on one occasion in 2003. They were awarded 4.2M.
  • A case in Orange, CA involved 31 priests, 2 nuns, 1 brother and 10 lay persons with an award of 100 million. Files of the Diocese were released as part of the settlement.
  • A jury awarded a single victim 4.3M for a case against one priest in Oakland, CA.
  • Another jury award went to four plaintiffs against one priest in San Francisco, CA for 5.8M.
  • A case in San Francisco against five priests for 15 victims resulted in a settlement of 21.2M.
  • Another case in Sacramento, CA was against 10 perpetrators with 33 victims and was settled for 35M.

These are just a few examples of cases being settled for the plaintiffs. The amounts vary widely based on several factors. If you have been the victim of sexual abuse from a clergy member, you can contact our law firm for a free consultation to determine the validity and value of your case.