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California Child Abuse Resources

Anyone who has been the victim of clergy abuse can benefit from counseling, peer support and other resources as they deal with the aftermath. Following is a list of support resources that you may want to consider. Some of these organizations focusonly on those of the Catholic faith while others are broader in scope. Some provide support in the form of peers while others offer professional counseling.

  • Child USA – nonprofit that advocates for children who are victims of abuse, provides information for media and policymakers
  • Darkness to Light – organization to help adults learn how to prevent sexual abuse
  • Grief to Grace – program providing retreats for victims of abuse, includes mental health professionals to assist victims in dealing with the emotional, mental and physical impacts
  • Healing Voices – organization ran by survivors of clergy abuse, the group aims to reach out to others of similar situations to promote healing
  • Male Survivor – website focuses on male victims of sexual assault to help them heal through communication and support from the community and information presented
  • National Center for PTSD – website ran by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the focus is on all victims of trauma who may suffer from PTSD; site provides resources so that victims can get treatment
  • Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) – organization made up of survivors of sexual abuse who support others through email, conversationsand referrals to other resources
  • Faith Trust Institute – national organization that works to support victims of sexual and domestic abuse; provides tools and resources to victims and their families
  • Child Help – organization dedicated to preventing child abuse through programs and helping those who are already victims with more than 10 million children served